Thursday, October 18, 2018

Update: Registrations for this event have now closed 

Mornings, let’s be honest, can be a struggle. As the darkness closes in there’s a very real danger of all your plans about meditation/chin-ups/fancy omelettes falling away when faced with the lure of a lie-in. Shh, it’s OK. We know, the snooze alarm must have turned itself on.

Listen, though: what you need is a proper reason to get out of bed, and that’s where Coach comes in. We’ve teamed up with California Walnuts to offer you a chance to Wake Up To Wellbeing on the 4th October from 7am, a morning double-header of yoga and a delicious, nutritious breakfast – all set at The Shard in London.

You’ll start with a 60-minute wake-up stretching session designed to energise you for the day, then kick-start your recovery with a selection of breakfast dishes and a post-workout smoothie. After that, you’ll sit down (or stand up, depending on how you’re feeling) for nutrition advice from host and “Flexi Foodie” Julie Montagu, an expert in sustainable, plant-based eating and smart snacking.

Finally, you’ll walk away with a goody bag featuring free copies of Men’s Fitness, Women’s Fitness and Health & Fitness magazines – as well as a selection of health and wellbeing products. All in all, it’s a morning worth setting your alarm for – and it’s limited to 60 readers, so sign up now, turn the snooze function off, and get your #WellnessCracked.

For more info on California Walnuts, visit or follow @walnuts_uk on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

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